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Providing Everything You Need

Job Interview

Career Development

P.A.T.H. offers services to assist individuals with obtaining employment. Whether you are recently discharged or out of the service for several years, veterans receive support with resume building and review, and interview preparation through workshops, and webinars. P.A.T.H. organizes job fairs with local agencies seeking qualified applicants. To assist individuals with securing employment, P.A.T.H. also provides access to an interview closet, which offers individuals a selection of professional attire to wear to job interviews, free of charge.

Computer Literacy

P.A.T.H. offers a program with informational sessions for learning about computers and how to use them. P.A.T.H. provides individuals with access to laptop computers and instructors who can introduce individuals to basic computer skills.

Computer Programmers
All Hands In

Community Outreach

P.A.T.H. is a community-based organization whose goal is to develop professional rapport and valuable relationships with sister companies to become a resource center. P.A.T.H. opens the door to various community resources through relationships with local agencies and other non-profit organizations. P.A.T.H. also organizes annual back-to-school drives providing kids with much-needed school supplies, backpacks, and free hair cuts and hair styles to ensure children start the school year with a positive attitude and the necessary tools to be successful.


P.A.T.H. also hosts monthly podcasts focusing on topics important to the community. The panel engages in an open dialogue catering to an audience that can relate to situations from incarceration, trauma, addictions, health and wellness, and single-family households to sexual preference, religion, and social injustice. P.A.T.H. finds purpose

Economic Sufficiency 

P.A.T.H. supports individuals having a positive relationship with money and the ability to understand and use financial skills, such as personal budgeting, to establish and maintain financial stability. This includes learning how to pay bills and save money responsibly and the importance of credit. P.A.T.H. encourages individuals to self-educate and grow their financial knowledge, by beginning with the basics of money management and maturing into a smart spender.

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