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Our Mission

P.A.T.H. provides trauma informed services for Veterans and underserved communities focused on the social determinants of health to promote education, career growth and development, health and wellness, and economic self-sufficiency.  

Listen To Our Podcast
Outside of our offered programs, we have created a monthly podcast that reflects on the lives of individuals from different backgrounds and experiences within various career settings.  The objective of this panel is to allow an open dialogue catering to an audience that can relate to situations from incarceration, addictions, and single-family households to sexual preference, religion, financial incapabilities, and to bring awareness to current events.  Here at P.A.T.H. we find purpose in establishing a mindset that you are not what you've been through. 

Our Services

Support Group
Computer Class
Career Development
Computer Literacy 
Community Outreach
Economic Sufficiency
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