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Leatrice Grayman 

I am a licensed CDL contracted transportation specialist with over 20 years of experience. Being in this position has allowed me to network with various professionals within the Research Triangle Park region. I do believe that my network abilities will a be positive contribution to the growth of P.A.T.H.


Tina Harker 

I am an inventory coordinator for California based cannabis production and manufacturing company, Island Co., with 15 plus years in various aspects of manufacturing leadership and quality assurance.
With a personal knowledge of a "different way of life", I became interested in path largely due to its contributions and respect for the world of rehabilitation. My hope is I can help others know that we DO recover and can do anything with the right resources and mindset. 

LaDana Crowell Photo.jpg

LaDana Crowell 

I am a Senior Investigative Compliance Specialist with the federal government. I have 25 years of experience in law enforcement, program analysis, and compliance. I am also the co-owner of TLC Employment and Business Consultants, LLC. I enjoy coaching, mentoring, and motivating individuals to improve their life, career, and financial status. I believe these qualities will help P.A.T.H. meet its mission for community service and support.


Tyree McLaughlin 

I am a Vice President of Banking Operations with 15 years of experience in the Financial Industry sector. I have a passion for the you and I challenge them and my peers alike, to never stop learning. I believe my passion will compliment P.A.T.H and it’s vision effortlessly. 

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Megan Daniielle

I am the owner of Make It Public a public relations and marketing firm in Wilmington, NC. I hold a BBA, MBA, and IMMS. I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Strategic Media Communications at Liberty Universty and have over 7 years of experience in the marketing industry. I have been small to mid-sized businesses nationwide. It is my passion to see all minority business owners have the opportunity to succeed. I believe that can be accomplished through strong strategies. 

Tirene Crowell Photo.jpg

Tirene Crowell 

I am a Supervisory Contract Specialist with the federal government. I have 18 years of experience managing, planning, negotiating, awarding, and administering multi-million-dollar contract actions that support multiple organizational segments. I am also the co-owner of TLC Employment and Business Consultants, LLC. My experience and leadership skills will assist and guide P.A.T.H. to achieve its mission of providing life resources for the community.

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